Tyler Hughes is steeped in the traditions of Central Appalachia. His music has been informed by the songs, stories and handicrafts that have been practiced in the mountains for generations. His latest release, "When the Light Shines Again" paints a musical history of the complicated story of coal mining in Southwest Virginia. Labor struggles abound in "Which Side Are You On?" and the true story of Virginia labor organizer Cosby Totten in "Cosby". Whimsical pieces such as "My Sweethearts the Mule of the Mines" provide a lighthearted touch paired with the heartbreak of mining disaster songs such as "Black Mountain Lullaby" and "The Explosion at Derby". Stream Tyler Hughes' new album on all major platforms today!

Black Mountain Lullaby

Tyler Hughes

Written by Caroline Herring, "Black Mountain Lullaby" is an ode to the true story of Jeremy Davidson, a three-year-old child who tragically lost his life when a boulder was dislodged on a strip mine above the family's home and rolled through the child's bedroom in Wise County, VA.

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