Let's Have a Dance Now, Ya Hear?!

Tyler Hughes is an accomplished square dance caller. His talents have been featured at regional dances across the central Appalachians, including at the historic Carcassonne Square Dance in Carcassonne, Kentucky. His style of calling is reminiscent of the mountain square dances practiced across the United States before the widespread popularity of Western Square Dancing took over. As a dance caller, Tyler believes that everyone should have the chance to join in  the fun. His dance calls are crafted so that dancers of all experience levels can get out on the floor comfortably. 

As a caller, Tyler offers individuals and organizations the opportunity to host a square dance as part of their next family gathering or corporate retreat. Each dance includes Tyler's expertise as a caller and a four piece string band to provide live music for the dance. Tyler also offers a smaller dance demonstration that is perfect for younger dancers in the public school system. For more information or to book a square dance for your event today, please visit the Contact link to email for pricing and details.